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Unknown (2017, April 26). Vaccines Retrieved from

The writer offers multiple pros and cons surrounding the subject of if your child should get vaccinated. They accomplished this by placing everything in a list like order and color coded to show distinction. They were careful not to show any side taking while achieving this. They had several facts to support each side. always does a great job at offering the different sides of controversies.

Tara Haelle. 8 Reasons Parents Don’t Vaccinate. Retrieved from

Haelle quickly catches our attention by referring back to when the measles outbreak occurred and spread across 7 states, Canada and Mexico. She then goes on to say that without vaccines it could have been a lot worse. Having said this showed what side she was on. She then proceeds to go on about the topic in Q&A form. When answering many popular questions concerning the matter she used evidence to support her.

Unknown. (10 July 2017). Five Important Reasons To Vaccinate Your Child. Retrieved from

The author of this starts off by making us feel as though if you really want whats best for your child then you need to get them vaccinated. They keep it short and to the point by naming 5 reasons. One reason that really stood out to me was that they are safe because they are tested thoroughly and this is basically the whole reason parents are against it. The writer is clearly biased to children getting vaccinated and they are trying to persuade the audience.

CDC (31 July 2017). What are the reasons to vaccinate my baby?. Retrieved from

The CDC ( Center for Disease Control and Prevention) basically is urging parents to vaccinate there child.  The CDC is suppose to be in charge of disease control so it only makes sense that they would be on the vaccinated side. They name reasons why it is needed. They mentioned that there are 14 major diseases to be concerned about and the vaccines are what help fight it off.

Mary. 5 Reasons to NOT Vaccinate your Child. Retrieved from

In this article Mary is “fighting” against the idea of getting vaccinated. She makes a good point in saying that a parent knows whats best for there child and has every right to make there own judgement in what they want to do. After that though she approaches this topic using humor to basically say that children should get vaccinated. Every other point is sarcasm to basically say that if a parent chooses to go against vaccines is stupid.

Unknown. Herd Immunity: Three Reasons Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children… And Why Vaccine Supporters Shouldn’t Care That I Use Vaccine Exemption Forms. Retrieved from

In this article the writer does make some very strong points. The strongest point being “Why are vaccinated kids at risk by unvaccinated kids?”. That is a very good question because if some parents feel so strongly about vaccinations to keep their child safe then why are they concerned. If the vaccine is actually doing its job like it claims then there shouldn’t be am issue. The author feels strongly with there decision to not vaccinate there children and wants to inform others.

Unknown. Top Reasons to Get Vaccinated.


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