Blog Post- More about Me

I come from a household of nine. There are seven of us children and i am the oldest. Which means i set the example for all the others and take mainly all responsibility. The age ranges of all of us vary, the next oldest in line is by brother who is 15, then comes my sister at 12, then my other two brothers at seven, followed by another brother at 3 and last but certainly not least my last brother at 5 months.

My mom has always wanted a big family that was close since she never had one. But having so many kids has had a toll on her body. After her last child she practically almost died because her body just couldn’t take it. The doctor told her that if she has another then the end result wasn’t going to be good. But a few months later she was rushed to the hospital because her body was shutting down.

It turns out she was having heart failure. She was in the hospital for a while and when she got released she was told to take it easy or she could have a relapse. So when she came home she was out of it for awhile so as the oldest child I had to step in and take her role for awhile. So my dad and I worked out a schedule to help watch the two youngest children during the week since of course they don’t go to school like the rest. Times have been very hard but sacrifices have to be made.

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