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     The term equal can be used for several different things. But in this case I refer to the equality of all colors. Black people have been fighting the battle of equality for several years. First they were brought from Africa and made to be slaves. When slavery was abolished in 1865 they still were treated poorly. The white people still felt superior to the blacks and did’t see them as people, the blacks would still get beaten but the government didn’t do much to put a stop to it.
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     In 1896 the U.S Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation was constitutional in the Plessy vs Ferguson trial. If someone is suppose to feel the same as everyone else (equal) then why would it be ok to separate them. That is the most degrading thing you could do to someone. Even in the mid 1900’s blacks still were being upheld from all there rights. It wasn’t until 1965 that blacks could vote freely without anything holding them back.
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    So during all of this blacks had been fighting for a voice and to feel like a person. Even today we still have people that believe that blacks should still below them. When Barack Obama was elected in office it gave blacks hope that maybe we could have a chance. But his election also caused a lot of negativity and triggered a lot of racist people who felt that a black man should not be in office. People have put there own spin on what the word means to help justify there point of views. I feel that people of color have been effected by the word the most and have thrived to finally be seen as equal. The word holds a lot of power especially since in today’s society we still have groups that are still trying to achieve the main goal of truly being equal.
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