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Who’s Lives Matter

Lately, since we have had a new president in office there has been a lot of issues coming to the surface. One issue that seems to keep coming up all over the internet is police brutality. The most known videos seem to be of the black people getting treated terribly by the police. This issue has pushed this movement even harder to show that we all matter and should be treated fairly.

A recent video has been talked about a lot lately, Officer Abbott was caught on his Dash-cam speaking to a woman that was being arrested for DUI.  The woman was inside of her car and was scared for her life because she said she has seen so many videos. The cop then said “But you’re not black. Remember we only kill black people. Yeah, we only kill black people, right?”  There has been speculation that the officer would be getting terminated for his inappropriate comment.

However, Black people are not the only ones who have been having this issue it’s all colored people. Black lives aren’t the only people who matter but they seem to be the only well known group to be stepping out (BLM). Many argue that often times when a black person gets shot it’s not about the skin color it’s about protecting yourself. I completely agree, yes there are corrupt cops in the world but at the same there are also good ones.

My aunt about two years ago was talked down to from a cop. She got pulled over for running a stop sign and the officer pulled her out the car and made her lean over the hood of the car. She told me that she was so scared and confused because she didn’t know what he was going to do. What he made her do made no sense because my aunt is a very petite and polite women, so she wasn’t being rude, thats just not in her blood. The only other reason it could be is because she was black.

It’s things like that, that make me feel as though some officers let the power go to there head. I know there isn’t a perfect solution to this matter because someone is always going to have there own views on people and how they should treat them. All I want is to see justice when it should be served.


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Unknown. About. Black Lives Matter.

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