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At the beginning I did believe in the BLM movement but I didn’t know all the things that went along with it. Although I knew about the BLM movement I didn’t really follow what they did, I was kind of just living my life and not worrying so much about what was going on around me. The biggest thing that made me want to go deeper into the topic was the cop here in Georgia who said “we only kill black people“. After hearing that it showed me that the harsh reality is that we still are going to have racism. It helped wake me up from the dream that I was living that nothing bad would ever happen to me. I’m not saying that I was clueless to what was happening in the world, i’m saying that I just had a mentality that i’m fine just as long as it’s not happening to me.

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This controversy has multiple point but the two biggest ones being; Black lives matter and Blue lives matter. If i’m being completely honest I feel that both sides are right. Here’s why, black people have been struggling to feel equal and be on the same level as everyone else since the start of America. Although we have come a long way we still have many more things that still need to be solved, an example being that many people still see black people as being less than and not worthy of having a title. That’s why the Black Lives Matter movement is trying to make a statement. Now on the other hand I do feel that yes the officers life does matter too. I’m not saying that there life is more important then anyone else’s. Even though there are corrupt cops, we still have good ones and we often times forget that. Some cops honestly don’t intend to be racist when they kill a person of color, they were just scared for there lives. I understand that.

After doing all this I learned that arguments always are going to have more than two sides. The best advice I could give someone that is searching for an argument is that you have to have a good interest or passion in the subject otherwise you’ll loose interest. There is so much research that goes into all of this, you can’t just look at one article and expect to get everything you need from that. You have to have many examples to back up your point in order for it to be justified. But when it’s all said and done, you’ve learned so much and now you have something interesting to talk about.


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